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From our region we source the products for our kitchen. As an enrichment we see all the other ingredients. We carefully check their origin and production. Out of respect for nature and the exploitation of the oceans, we offer on our menu only fish from local waters. Exceptions are organic plants. All dishes are made with non-iodized sea salt. Our suppliers:

  • Fish: Friedel Georg in Wasserburg, Meichle in Friedrichshafen, Gufel ​​in Meiningen / Vorarlberg
  • Beef and veal, deer: Schmuck in Bregenz
  • Chamois and deer: from the Arlberg
  • Pork and sausages: Maier, Kressbronn
  • Butter, milk and yoghurt: Hawanger Allgäu
  • Quark and hard cheese: Sennereigenossenschaft Rutzhofen, Zurwies in Wangen
  • Soft cheese: Feinkäserei Geschwister Bantel, Ruggsteig / Vorarlberg, Zurwies in Wangen
  • Berries: Stoppel in Kümmertsweiler
  • Vegetables and fruits: Reichenau Island, Wolfgang Saile in Lindau
  • Apples: Gierer in Nonnenhorn
  • Potatoes: Grolms Swabian Alb
  • Lentils: Swabian Alb
  • Oils and spices: Aschenbrenner in Radolfszell
  • Bread: Zeh in Kressbronn, Straub in Laimnau
  • Schnapps: Bruno Witzigmann in Nonnehorn, Gierer in Bodolz
  • Flour, seeds and seeds: Karge-Mühle in Langenargen
  • Eggs: outdoor ground keeping